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Welcome to Premiere Dental in Abington, PA, Northeast Philadelphia, and Deptford, NJ, where your dental emergency becomes our immediate priority. 

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We understand that unexpected dental issues can be distressing, which is why our dedicated team is here to provide you with exceptional emergency dental care when you need it most. With a commitment to your comfort and oral health, we’re ready to address your urgent concerns with expertise and compassion.

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Common Dental Emergencies

  • Tooth Infections:
    Tooth infections manifest as inflammation within the tooth, primarily triggered by decay or other forms of tooth irritation. Various types of tooth infections exist, with the most prevalent being periodontitis, a gum ailment. Swift intervention from an emergency dentist is crucial, as untreated tooth infections can pose serious risks and inflict considerable pain.
  • Root Canal:
    An emergency root canal is a dental procedure performed when a tooth’s nerve is damaged. An emergency dentist might recommend this procedure for teeth affected by decay, infection, or trauma resulting from an accident.
  • Broken, knocked out, or Cracked Teeth:
    Suffering from a fractured, dislodged, or cracked tooth demands immediate attention as it qualifies as a dental emergency. Such conditions arise from tooth injury, commonly due to biting down on objects or sustaining a blow to the mouth. When pressure exceeds a tooth’s capacity, enamel may crack, potentially leading to infected gums, cavities, and other oral health complications. Our emergency dentists can offer both short-term and long-term solutions, alleviating your toothache.
  • Toothaches:
    Toothaches stem from various factors, with the most prevalent being gum or root infections, often accompanied by intense pain. Cracked or loose teeth, dry mouth, jaw trauma, blood pressure fluctuations, and other factors can also trigger toothaches. Pain typically originates from the formation of an abscess, a fluid-filled pocket, within the gum or bone where the tooth interfaces. Bacterial infections commonly lead to abscesses contracted from diverse sources. Emergency dentists can administer antibiotics to treat and resolve the issue effectively in such instances.
  • Lost Crown or Filling:
    Crowns and fillings serve to restore and safeguard teeth. Should your crown or filling become dislodged, seeking immediate dental care is imperative to prevent further harm to the tooth.
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Why Premiere Dental for Your Emergency Dental Needs?

  • Rapid Response: We know that time is crucial during a dental emergency. Our practice offers swift responses and same-day appointments to ensure you receive timely care and relief from discomfort.
  • Excellence in Expertise: Our highly skilled dentists bring years of experience to handle a wide range of dental emergencies. Equipped with the latest techniques and technology, we provide effective solutions tailored to your specific situation.
  • Caring Approach: We understand the anxiety that comes with dental emergencies. Our team is dedicated to providing a comforting environment, taking the time to listen to your concerns and explain each step of the treatment process.
  • Modern and Advanced Facility: Our state-of-the-art dental facility is outfitted with cutting-edge equipment for accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment, ensuring your emergency is managed effectively.

Your Health is Our Concern

At Premiere Dental, your well-being is our priority. For any dental emergency, reach out to us immediately. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with exceptional emergency dental care, ensuring you regain your smile’s health and radiance in no time.

Managing a Dental Emergency

Premiere Dental When facing a dental emergency, the experts at Premiere Dental Dental will tailor the treatment to match the nature and seriousness of your situation. Pain relief through medication could be recommended in certain instances. Alternatively, your condition might require immediate oral surgery, a root canal, or the application of dental crowns. Our experienced team will formulate a customized treatment plan based on your circumstances and requirements.

To ensure proper teeth healing, your dentist might also arrange further follow-up visits.


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