At Premiere Dental, regular dental checkups are critical for maintaining optimal oral health and detecting potential issues early on. One of the most critical screenings that dentists perform is an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer can be life-threatening, and early detection is key to successful treatment. During an oral cancer screening, a dentist examines the mouth for any signs of cancer, including unusual lumps or sores, red or white patches, or other abnormalities.

Patients can take proactive steps toward preventing and treating oral cancer by scheduling regular dental checkups aand undergoing oral cancer screenings. With proper oral care and early detection, individuals can enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles for years. Visit one of our locations in Abington PA, Northeast Philadelphia, AND West Deptford NJ to make an appointment today!

An oral cancer screening is a visual and physical examination of your mouth and throat Premiere Dental to check for signs of oral cancer.

An oral cancer screening is typically performed during a routine dental exam. Your dentist or healthcare professional will examine your mouth, throat, and neck for any unusual lumps, bumps, or changes in color or texture.

All adults should undergo an oral cancer screening as part of their routine dental exam. People who use tobacco or consume alcohol heavily, as well as those with a family history of oral cancer, may be at higher risk and may benefit from more frequent screenings.

The symptoms of oral cancer can include persistent mouth sores, swelling or lumps in the mouth or neck, difficulty swallowing or speaking, and unexplained bleeding in the mouth.

No, an oral cancer screening cannot detect all types of oral cancer. Some early-stage oral cancers may not be visible during an exam, so it is important to report any symptoms or changes in your mouth to your healthcare provider.

No, an oral cancer screening is usually painless and non-invasive. Your dentist or healthcare professional may use a special light or tool to examine your mouth and throat.

The frequency of oral cancer screenings may depend on your individual risk factors. It is generally recommended that adults undergo an oral cancer screening at least once a year during their routine dental exam.

If an oral cancer screening detects a problem, Premiere Dental may refer you to a specialist for further testing and evaluation. Early detection and treatment of oral cancer can improve your chances of successful treatment and recovery.



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