50 Soft Foods To Eat After Tooth Extraction

Soft Foods To Eat After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the most common surgical procedure in the United States. Even if you feel nervous about your tooth extraction, it’s a straightforward and easy procedure that helps you recover well. Post-surgery, there’s a myriad of restrictions and rules you have to follow to heal faster and get to your regular life. 

One of those rules is what you can and can’t eat! 

In this blog, we’ll give you 50 soft foods to eat after tooth extraction so you can keep switching your meals and still recover healthily, without a hiccup! But why exactly do you need to only eat soft foods after tooth extraction?

Why do I need to eat soft foods after tooth extraction?

It’s important to eat soft foods after tooth extraction so that your recovery site can heal better and faster. The prevention is simply to ensure that crunchy or solid food doesn’t irritate your recovery site, or cause unnecessary bleeding, or any inflammation. 

But perhaps the most important reason why doctors recommend eating soft food is to ensure your primary clot stays intact. This clot is responsible for keeping your wound closed and protecting you from developing a dry socket infection.

And that’s why dentists recommend soft foods after oral surgery!

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What can I eat after tooth extraction?

If you think you can’t eat a balanced, tasty, or healthy diet because your tooth extraction restricts you to only soft food after oral surgery, we have some good news. 

It’s possible to change your meal options and create a combination that suits your palate while sticking to soft food recipes that are recommended by dentists around the world. That said, here are 50 soft foods to eat after dental surgery. 

50 soft Foods to Eat After Tooth Extraction

  • Applesauce,
  • Avocado (Plain and mashed avocados make excellent soft foods after dental work options!),
  • Baby food (Not a terrible alternative, if you’re looking for a ready-made puree),
  • Bananas,
  • Casseroles,
  • Cheesecake,
  • Chicken or vegetable broth,
  • Chocolate mousse,
  • Clams and clam chowder,
  • Cottage cheese,
  • Crab cakes,
  • Cream of wheat,
  • Cupcakes,
  • Custards (mix it with boiled veggies),
  • Dips (Guacamole, hummus, and French onions are excellent on their own or as a way to flavor other simple dishes),
  • Egg salad,
  • Greek yogurt,
  • Hummus (Pair it with soft bread for a protein-rich meal),
  • Ice creams (Avoid any seeds or nuts),
  • Jell-o,
  • Lentils,
  • Macaroni and cheese (What’s not fixable with a goodmac& cheese?),
  • Mashed avocado on toast,
  • Mashed cauliflower,
  • Mashed potatoes,
  • Milk drinks,
  • Noodles/Pasta,
  • Oatmeal,
  • Pancakes,
  • Pies (Opt for soft vegetables or pastry for your fillings, or simply scoop out the pastry if it’s tough to chew),
  • Popsicles,
  • Puddings (Chocolate or fruit),
  • Quinoa,
  • Ramen noodles,
  • Rice puddings,
  • Risotto,
  • Salmon,
  • Scrambled eggs,
  • Silken tofu,
  • Smoothies (Blend your favorite fruits, milk, and ice cream in the blender),
  • Soaked bread or cookies,
  • Soups (Butternut squash or chicken noodle soup are excellent soft foods to eat after oral surgery),
  • Spinach,
  • Stew,
  • Tapioca,
  • Tapioca pudding,
  • Teas,
  • Waffles,
  • Yellow squash, and
  • Yogurt parfait (Layer it with easy-to-chew fruits and granola for quick and edible parfait).

Top Foods to Avoid After Tooth Extraction for a Speedy Recovery

  • Alcohol or tobacco,
  • Crispy and crunchy foods (crunchy foods can dislodge the clots, give you a sore jaw, and cause unnecessary complications post-surgery),
  • Hard or chewy candies,
  • Orange juice (citric fruits can cause burning and irritation on the recovery site),
  • Spicy meals, and
  • Tomato or tomato sauce.

Dos and don'ts of post-tooth extraction

There’s more to recovering post-dental surgery than just figuring out what to eat after tooth extraction. It’s important to adhere to a set of dos and don’ts to ensure a speedy recovery. 

Check out these tips on what you should and shouldn’t do beyond planning which foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal!


  • Do hydrate yourself. Drinking lots of water will allow your body to heal faster. 
  • Rinse your mouth with warm and salty water after meals to keep the extraction area clean.
  • Apply ice packs to your cheeks to avoid swelling of the extraction area.
  • Do rest for at least 24 hours after the extraction. Avoid any stressful activities. 
  • Follow your dentist’s instructions, and adhere to any prescribed medications to encourage speedy recovery.


  • Use a straw for at least 7-10 days post-surgery, as excessive sucking on a straw can dislodge a blood clot, leading to a dry socket.
  • Consume alcohol, caffeine, or hot beverages.
  • Eat spicy meals, as doing so might irritate and cause gum inflammation. 
  • Smoke for a minimum of 48 hours.
Foods that you can eat after tooth extraction


Avoid dairy products in your post-tooth extraction diet, however, there are a lot of nutritious and delicious substitutes to choose from. With the right caution and diet plan, you will get back on track to enjoy your preferred dairy products in no time.

It’s recommended to not eat anything for at least 24 hours to allow your tooth extraction site to recover and heal up a little. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have any kind of intake. So while you wait 24 hours to eat any soft foods, drink plenty of fluids such as water and liquid food!

Treat your oral health with a dentist who cares

It’s a no-brainer that focusing on your oral health can have a positive impact on your overall mental and physical well-being. That’s why tooth extraction dental surgery requires careful attention, focusing on 50 soft foods to eat after tooth extraction, that are easy on your mouth and helpful in healing!

If you want guidance for tooth extraction and or face any complications post-surgery, Premiere Dental can help you in Philadelphia, Deptford, and Abington, PA. We also take in emergency walk-in appointments because your health and happiness are our priority! For more information, you can contact us or schedule your appointment